The Family Medical Center is being created to provide basic health care to the families of the San Quintin, Baja California community. An old dilapidated house on the property of Centro Medico Hospitalario S. C. has been provided to, and adopted by the Junior Samaritan's as a structure that will be transformed into a Family Medical Center.


Centro Medico Hospitalario S. C. currently turns away over 1000 families annually that are looking for Family Medicine Services. As a result of the rehabilitation of this old house, the clinic will have a 3-exam room, Family Medical Center. The facility will be able to service the families who are currently in need of and in search of a facility to meet their families' needs. It will also serve additional families in the community through education about the opportunity available to receive consistent medical care for their families.


The Family Medical Center will be fully equipped with a reception area, three exam rooms, a bathroom with shower, a nurses/doctors station and an outdoor playground (which is only accessible from the inside of the facility for safety reasons). The first $15,000 will be used for the initial rehabilitation of the structure and for supplies and equipment to make it a functional Family Medicine Center. Additional fundraising will be used to purchase and install the playground equipment, and for ongoing building maintenance, addition and replacement of medical equipment, and medical supplies.


After considerable fundraising efforts, the Junior Samaritans first headed to San Quintin to start the rehabilitation of the building in March/April 2016. 


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