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Cindy Mitchell, Mother of Will Mitchell

My name is Cindy Mitchell. I am Will Mitchell's mom and mentor. I work as a clinical psychologist for the Department of State Hospitals and have a private practice on the side. I am the mother of two and am  soccer mom at heart. I love watching my kids play sports and catching a soccer game on the weekend with them.  What I like best about the Junior Samaritan program is the opportunity for our children to help other people and experience another culture.  At the same time they get to learn new skills and build confidence in themselves as people.  I love that I get an opportunity to experience this with my son and hope that he learns, through this experience, the importance of being of service to others.  

Joe Nutile, Pilot Flying Samaritans Member

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Bill Long, Flying Samaritans Member

 I'm happy to be a mentor with the Junior Flying Samaritans.  I was born and raised in Los Angeles, graduated from Dorsey High School in 1949 and received a Bachelor's Degree in  Biology from USC in 1953.  I volunteered for duty in the Army and served for 2 years in the medical corps, mostly in Germany.  Our unit was very much like the unit seen in MASH.  Returning to LA, I married, got a job as a pharmaceutical sales representative and retired in Pismo Beach in1994 after 38 years with the same company, Pfizer.  I won 2 national sales contests.   We raised 6 children, all delivered at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, and all were delivered by the same physician.  All have graduated from college and have their own families.  I have 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  I have been with Flying Samaritans for over 20 years, traveling to San Quintin many times  I'm excited to be a part of Junior Flying Samaritans.  Hobbies:  travel, camping, fishing photography, biking, photography.   BUENA SUERTE Flying Sams.

Joe Kuntze, Physician, Liaison

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James Southward, Father of Cori Southward

My name is James Southward and I am Cori Southward's father, and mentor to the Junior Samaritans. I am a General Contractor and retired high school teacher with a flair for adventure and travel. I am proud to work side by side with my son in this organization and so impressed with the selfless contributions this young group of scholars give to the world. Experiencing first hand the dedication, consistency and passion these students have for the mission they have set is an inspiration to me and admired by many. However, what is most important is that this group of Junior Samaritans take their own time, money, sweat and hard work to develop a physical clinic and coordinate medical personnel to provide family medical services to people who otherwise will not have access to such services. I believe these fine young people will take their skills and life observations with them as they will influence their communities is great ways throughout their lives.

John Schram, Father of Paul Schram

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